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The Hidden World of Fleas & Worms


One adult female flea can lay 2000 eggs in her lifetime. One adult female roundworm can lay 85000 eggs in one day. These eggs have the potential to develop into a parasite infestation in your house and garden. It has been estimated that 95% of the flea population lives in the animal’s environment, not on the pet and that 1 in 5 soil samples taken from public recreation areas contain roundworm eggs. As well as infecting your pets, family members can be affected by animal parasites.


It is vitally important to maintain all year round parasite control on all the pets in a household, to prevent this build up and to protect your pets from other potentially harmful parasites such as lungworm.


We are currently offering a discount on parasite control products for pets and their environment. If you spend between £25 and £49.99 on parasite control in one transaction you will get £3 discount, but if you spend more than £50 in the same way you will get £5 discount.


There is a lot more about parasite control on the website


Click here to download a £3 voucher valid when you spend between £25 and £49.99

Click here to download a £5 voucher valid when you spend over £50























































































































































































































































































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