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Facilities and Services






























































We have a number of modern facilities on site, and offer various services









































Operating Theatre


Our well equipped surgical theatre enables us to carry out a variety of surgical procedures including routine neutering or more complex orthopaedic procedures.



























































































Using our own in house laboratory we are able to carry out a wide range of blood test, skin tests urine analysis and other diagnostic procedures.



























































































Our X-ray facility is used for investigation of orthopaedic and other problems. Digital processing gives us improved imaging accuracy, to aid with diagnoses.



























































































Our diagnostic ultrasound machine is used for non-invasive investigation of internal problems, especially heart disease and examination for pregnancy.

























































































Electrocardiography (ECG) and Blood Pressure Monitoring


We have a multi-trace ECG recorder and blood pressure monitor which are used for the investigation of heart and circulatory problems.



























































































We have dental tools which are similar to those used in human dental surgeries. This allows us to treat most dental problems encountered in domestic pets.

























































































Nurse Clinics


Our nurses are able to carry out minor procedures such as nail clipping or stitch removal by appointment. They can also give advice on feeding and other aspects of pet care.

























































































Pet Passport Scheme


We are authorised by DEFRA to issue Pet Passports for the Pet Travel Scheme and we are able to implant microchips and carry out Rabies vaccinations as necessary.






















































































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