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4th January 2018 | Recent Advances in the Treatment of Heart Disease







































Have you been told that your dog has a heart murmur, but we are currently not treating it as it is not showing any signs associated with heart disease? We would have given you this advice because up until recently there was no evidence to suggest that we could do anything to help these dogs before the onset of symptoms.


This has now changed and we now know that an earlier intervention can delay the onset of clinical problems in dogs with heart disease, and can extend their lives by up to 15 months.


To find out whether or not treatment Is right for your dog we need to assess the stage of development of the disease.


Initially this is done just by listening to the heart with a stethoscope, and then the higher risk animals are checked with an ultrasound scan, and treatment can then be started if needed.


If you have been told that your dog has a non-clinical heart murmur, and has not been checked within the last 3 months, we would like to give you the opportunity to have the initial stethoscope check free.


Please telephone the surgery on 01795662578 to arrange an appointment for this check. Please note this is for dogs only, and it will not be possible to discuss any other problems or give any other treatment at the free check. However we can add the heart check to any other other regular consultation or vaccination for no extra cost.


Whilst we are not yet able to cure heart disease, we are at last able to offer a treatment that can increase your dog’s life expectancy.























































































































































































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