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31 January 2016 | Older Pets







































How old is ‘old’? The answer depends on which type of pet, or even the breed. For example the small furry pets such as hamsters may only have a life expectancy of two years, but many cats can live into their late teens.

For dogs, their biological age depends on their size, so small dogs will usually live longer than older dogs, and the giant breeds can show signs of age related diseases from as early as four years.

Some things to look out for as your pet gets older:


  • Loss of mobility or lack of desire to exercise
  • Weight changes, either loss or gain
  • Breathlessness or cough
  • Bad breath
  • Increased thirst
  • Lumps and bumps


It is inevitable that as animals get older their body systems do not work as efficiently as they did when they were younger, and many owners assume that nothing can be done to counter the effects of ageing.


Whilst we cannot turn the clock back, or return lost youth (either to pets or owners!) it is not true that nothing can be done to help older pets. For example there are many good anti arthritic drugs which can aid mobility, dietary changes can reduce many old-age problems or specific medications can be used to treat the conditions linked to old age such as heart disease or thyroid problems.


If you are the owner of an older pet that has not been checked recently why not call the surgery on 01795 662578  to arrange for them to be examined and to discuss any age related problems.



















































































































































































































































































































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