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17 June 2018 | Taking Your Pet Abroad This Summer







































We have received many enquiries from owners who want to take their pets abroad this summer. If you are travelling within the EU, or to one of the other countries within the PETS travel scheme, your pet will need an official Passport.


Abbey Veterinary Surgery has been authorised by DEFRA to issue these passports. The process is relatively straightforward, your pet will need to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.


For dogs microchipping is now compulsory, and so will probably already have been done, and many cats are also microchipped even if they are not travelling abroad as it is an easy way to provide a permanent means of identification and is recommended.


Rabies vaccination is given as a single injection to dogs and cats that are over three months old.


Once microchipping and rabies vaccination have been done, a passport can be issued. The passport becomes valid for travel three weeks after the initial vaccination and remains valid as long as the rabies vaccination is up-to-date. For passports issued in the UK, rabies vaccination is carried out every three years and giving a booster automatically renews the passport.


For dogs, there is an additional requirement that they must be treated, at a vets, for tapeworm before they can return to the UK. This treatment must be done 24 -120 hrs before re-entry, and the details of the treatment, including date and time, must be recorded in the passport.


It is also important to think about any additional disease prevention precautions that you might need to take. This will depend upon your destination and is more important if you are travelling to Mediterranean countries. We can advise you about any extra precautions that you might need to take.


The list of countries within the Pet Passport scheme, and further information on travelling with a pet can be found on the GOV.UK website:


If you are travelling to a country that is not within the Pet Passport scheme there are likely to be different requirements which might include different vaccinations, parasite treatments and blood tests. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the correct requirements are met for the country you are travelling to, and any that you pass through, howeverwe can provide advice on obtaining the correct information .







































































































































































































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